Monday, June 30, 2014

It's that time again...July Currently!

It's that time again...
time to link up with Farley for her monthly Currently Linky!

Currently my pandora is on shuffle.  I generally stay on shuffle on Pandora.  I have a Lindsey Stirling station that I use at school...but other than that I just create a bunch of stations and then shuffle them.  When I started making my currently sheet, Like a G6 was playing.  Right before posting Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan was playing.  Told you...shuffle.

My first week of summer vacation I taught a summer camp.  Then I had one week off, and then taught another week.  I am so loving that tomorrow I am setting my alarm to go running.  Then I can come home, shower, and go back to bed.   :-)

Now that June is over, I only have a month and a half until school starts.  There are so many things I want to do next year...I should probably start planning them.

I live near the beach...but I HATE going alone.  My wife is currently working retail (at a teacher supply store...haha).  And they are getting ready for back to school...which means her hours have dramatically increased.  Which means no beach days for me.  If I had a pool I could at least work on this tan (or lack of one).

My needing and thinking are very similar...I need to find motivation.

4th Plans:
We're those people.  My dog's birthday is on July 4th.  She turns 6.  No...we're not throwing her a party.  But, we are going to celebrate it.  We actually just bought her bday presents and are hiding them in one of the other rooms.  (Told you we were those people.)

All of our friends that we normally celebrate the 4th with have moved away.  So we might go down to the river to watch the fireworks.  We might stay in our house and cry.  We haven't decided yet.  ;-)


  1. We cry because our friends just moved away too!! Too bad we don't live closer to each other and we could be friends and not move away!! haha We were actually able to FaceTime with our friends tonight!! It's only been a week since they moved, but three since we saw them!! I hope that you enjoy celebrating your dog's birthday!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. Ah so jealous that you are in summer right now!! We start winter break on the 4th, soooo looking forward to it!!
    Learning to be awesome

  3. My "needing" is the same as your "needing" my friend. So much to do! Happy birthday to your doggie!


  4. If I could send you motivation I would. I know how that feels. Go to the beach with your dog. Go for me. I'm in the Texas desert right now and would L-O-V-E to have my toes in the water. Enjoy it! Happy birthday to your dog. We are THOSE people too!

    Elementary Expedition

  5. Now I have Like a G6 stuck in my head and that's okay because I'm going to go dance around!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'