Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another year over...

It seems like the school years are passing by quicker than they used to.  There's a saying I heard when I was younger..."when you're young everything takes forever.  When you're old everything passes in the blink of an eye."  This is so true.  I blinked, and it was Christmas.  I blinked again and it was state testing.  I half-blinked and it was the last week of school.  
It's been a busy year though.  
A good year.

I moved down the hall to an "office".  I still switch back and forth from calling it my classroom and my office.  It's big enough to pull kids into, so I am still pulling my groups there.  It's also sandwiched between the guidance counselor's office and our academic coaches' office/science lab (complete with doors from my room into each of those rooms).  Which is great, but also means my room is sometimes used as a cut-through.

We lost some teachers in the middle of the year, which always throws everything off.  But we made it.  Our kiddos made it.
It really has been a great year.

But the end of every year makes you introspective.  And if it doesn't, maybe you shouldn't be a teacher.  I know that sounds harsh, but if you're not constantly evaluating and reworking, why are you teaching?  It is our job to always reflect and revise and revisit all of our lessons.

On that note, I am taking the summer to rework my entire math pacing.  I don't have a curriculum for math.  So I work off of the standards.  But trying to memorize standards for 3 grade levels is hard..doable, but hard.  And I haven't tried hard enough to memorize them.  So that's my goal for this year...memorize and rework.

What about you?  Any summer goals?