Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Titles

I've noticed that I start a lot of my posts apologizing for not writing as frequently as I "should".  Well, today's the last day for that.  I don't know why we, as teachers, feel bad for being busy people.

I wish I was one of these bloggers who has it together and can post regularly and make amazing products for TPT and are great teachers/spouses/parents.  I truly don't know how they fit it all in.  I am in awe of these educators.  But I am not one...I know that.  So I'm going to stop apologizing for it.  I just gotta do me.  :-)

On that note, this week's Tuesday Title is a series, instead of just one title....How Do Dinosaurs (fill in the blank).

This book series has so many different titles...ranging from things like going to sleep, getting better, to counting and learning colors.

What I love about these books is that they teach social skills through REAL dinosaurs.  Yes, the dinosaurs have human parents/teachers/doctors/etc.  And yes, they are curling up in a bed.  But the dinos are real ones.  And in the front cover of every book it tells you what dinosaurs are in the book.

So, they are seeing that the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops are not the only dinosaurs out there!  Oh be still my heart!  (I love dinosaurs!)

So, the social skills aspect of the books...
the entire first half of each book gives bad examples for behavior.

(This is from How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?)

The second half of the book talks about how no, the dinosaurs don't do all that.  They do (blank) instead.  In this case, it would be take his medicine every day.
It's a great conversation starter for you and the kiddos about appropriate behavior.

Do you have a favorite How Do Dinosaurs book?  Have you used them in the classroom?
Please share!