Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Scoop (number 2?)

I'm trying really hard to get on here and read posts and write posts and it's just not working for me.  I'm actually still trying to get caught up on reading posts from September.  :-/
 I'm so embarrassed.

Anyway, linking up again for Sunday Scoop with Teaching Trio.

So here goes...

They all kind of speak for themselves, but for real, if anyone has suggestions on how to teach analytical writing to fourth graders who can't read sight words PLEASE let me know!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Working on Time

I can't seem to get it together.  I had grand plans of blogging more this year.  I've made it a point to take pictures of the fun things we're doing.  I'm trying really hard to use my planning time at school effectively.  It's just not happening.  I would love to know how those bloggers who also have kids find time for all of this.  So, if one of my followers would like to share the secret to regular blog posts...well I'd be forever grateful.  :-)

Anyway, for the past 2ish weeks my 3rd graders have been working on time.  I just wanted to share some of the fun things we've been doing with time.

First, is the ever-popular paper plate clocks.  Did you ever do this as a student?  I did, and loved it.  So anytime I teach time, we always make a clock.  It helps solidify the hour hand and the minute hand.  Plus it's just fun.

Also, since I'm juggling the standards of 3 different grade levels, I am all about finding products on TPT and using them.  Thank you to that wonderful invention!  Anyway, Nesli over at Second Grade with the Teacher Wears Prada (or at TPT here) created this wonderful cut-and-paste clock activity.  My kiddos LOVED it!  We forget how much fun it is to just bust out the scissors and glue.  So I've made a promise to myself to try for more educational, and rigorous, cut-and-paste activities.

And our last activity was a Time Scavenger Hunt (thanks Christen Stowers!).  I didn't hide the clocks, so much as tape them in random spots around the room.  It got my kiddos up and moving though.  It was just what we needed and a wonderful way for me to get a quick assessment of what we actually know.

Thanks for sticking out this long post!  I have already started planning my next ones in my head, so hopefully the come to fruition soon!