About Me

Well hello there.

My name is Ryan Graber and I am a teacher in Pensacola, Florida.  I have been teaching for 5 years.  I also spent 1 year as an ESE Teacher Assistant and 1 year as a Tech Assistant.  (Tech Assistant's are what my district calls those people who work only with small groups in reading.)

A little about me personally:
  • I am the second oldest of 4 boys...so I love being surrounded by lots of people.
  • I have married for a little over 6 years.
  • My wife is best friend...we were friends for 2ish years before we started dating.
  • I have a dog named Sandy Cheeks who is the best dog in the world.
  • I LOVE Disney.  Like, so much that I got engaged there.  We went there for our honeymoon.  We try to go at least once a year.
  • I have decided that I would like to run a Disney marathon before I reach 30...so right now my goal is January 2016.
I think that's it...but I know there's probably more.  :-)

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