Friday, April 3, 2015

Things that I miss...

So, in case you were unaware, I left the classroom this school year to go back to my roots and become the 3-5 ESE teacher at my school.  I was excited, nervous, and ready.

Since we're down to the last 9 weeks, I thought I would take a moment to just reflect on this year.

I LOVE my job.  I love my position, I love the kiddos I work with, I love the teacher assistant for my hall and the other ESE teacher.  But there are some things I miss about being a classroom teacher.

1. Sometimes I feel very left out.  I don't have a set class...I pull kiddos throughout the day into my room for small groups.  I work with around 25 kiddos in 3 grade levels from 8 classes (we only have 9 classrooms in the 3-5 hallway).  So when flyers get sent home, I don't know about them (or sometimes, what is even on them).  I don't get included on emails about upcoming presentations.

For example, we recently had Wellness Night.  Students (and families) were invited back to the school at night to play different games and wellness activities.  Normally, this is our BIGGEST family fun night.  Not so much this year.  So I made a comment to someone on the committee who put it on about flyers and callouts (cause I didn't get either).  Apparently a few had been sent home...oops.  Definitely stuck my foot in my mouth there.  :-/

2. I don't really have a grade level.  I have one other ESE teacher (who is amazing) to run ideas by.  However, she is a 4th year teacher, and this is her first year in ESE.  I'm re-learning while she's learning.  Sometimes I just miss the feeling of other teachers who know exactly what I'm going through and can offer their insight.

3. I love that we as teachers have found ways to connect...TPT, blogging, Instagram, etc.  I just wish there were more resource ESE teachers out there.  I love reading what other teachers are doing...and it is VERY inspiring.  But I would love to see how other push-in/pull-out teachers are doing things.

4. Class picture day is coming up...enough said.

Now, even with all of that...I really do love my job.  In fact, I've already told my principal that if she wants me back (I'm annual contract), I would love to be ESE again.  I did tell her that there were things I missed about having my own room, and sometimes I think about going back.  But I'm not ready yet.

I do know, that as of right now (well, more like Monday, since I'm on spring break), I am going to try to show more of what my every day life is like.  It won't be the most interesting (I have a set curriculum for reading that is different from the gen ed curriculum).  But that's ok.  My kiddos and I have fun with it.  And who knows, maybe I can be the first voice (of many) that starts talking about resource teachers.  Maybe we can start that conversation.

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Currently

It's that time again...time for another Currently post!

Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade hosts these link-ups every month...and it is definitely my favorite one!

So, here goes:

Listening: We're re-watching Glee from the beginning.  Right now we're on the "Hello" episode (the one where we meet Jesse St. James).  I love this show.

Loving: Spring break isn't over yet...hallelujah.  Enough said.

Thinking: I planned for next week before we left for Spring Break (yay for me being productive for once).  But I still feel like I should be working on something, organizing something, or something!  I'm not sure.

Wanting: We went to the beach yesterday and got sunburned.  So we probably shouldn't go back, but I really want to.

Needing: I am wanting to grow my TPT store.  And to do that, I have to have products.  Funny, huh?  So, I NEED to be working on that...but I need to find the motivation and the idea for products.

Eggs-plain: My blogname is pretty self-explanatory.  I am a teacher who loves ALL things Disney.  So...don't have to explain that.
So, my first name is Ryan.  I am one of 4 boys, and all of us have 'R' names.  My name was chosen because my mom knew someone named Ryan when she was younger, and has always liked the name.

Anyway, enough about me.  I'd love to hear about some of you!

Donors Choose...

So, I just thought I would post this here to see if I could get a little bit more of a response.

I am trying to get another small group table for my I created a donors choose project to get one.

Please, if you can, make a small donation to get us a small group table.  Or, share my info.

Thanks y'all!