Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rewind Post: Saturday School

Time for another Rewind Post.  This time we're focusing on Saturday School.  Yup, you read right, Saturday School.

Our school decided that for 3 Saturdays leading up to FCAT (our big state assessment) we would offer Saturday School for our upper grades.  Our teachers were strictly volunteer, and could volunteer for any of the 3 grade levels.  I, of course, wanted 3rd grade reading.  We had a lovely mixture of teachers from all grade levels volunteer to work Saturday School.  Each grade level got 2 teachers for reading, and 2 for math.  My partner for all three Saturdays was one of our first grade teachers.  And she is AMAZING!

Our activities consisted of hands-on reading lessons.  We watched Flocabulary videos and moved and read and went outside for character drawings.  It was just a fun way to show what we knew and reinforce things we weren't sure about.

What a way to spend some Saturdays!

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