Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rewind Post: Perimeter and Area

Time for another Rewind Post...this time with math.

For as long as I have taught (which isn't really that long) perimeter has been a third grade standard.  This year, with Florida finally fully implementing Common Core, third grade was also responsible for area.
So in addition to just regular teaching of the standards, I have to do things a little...different.  This year, though, instead of being crazy by myself, my wonderful team got in on the action.

First, my hallway is tiled, with lovely, perfectly square tiles.  So what do I do?  Bust out the painters tape and make shapes running down the length of the hallway.  (Thank you to my partner for helping me this year!)  Then the kiddos have to go into the hallway and measure the perimeter and area using units (so one square is one unit).

 Our kiddos always do really well in the hallway.  We talk about how the 4th grade classes do not want to be interrupted so we have to whisper and no running.  It was wonderful.

I also do perimeter/area names.  This year I got the brilliant idea to create the alphabet ahead of time.  I have done this project in the past and just expected my kids to be able to figure it out.  Not so much.  With the alphabet already created, my kiddos rocked this project!  As did the other two classes.

How do you teach area and perimeter?

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