Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back to School Goals

I was so prepared to be posting all the time this summer.  I thought to myself "you'll have so much time!  You'll be a blogging fool!".  Not so much I guess.  I taught two summer camps already (with a third on the way).  So I have been SO terribly lazy this summer.  I really haven't even planned anything for next year.  *Ahh!*

Anyway, I've been thinking about some things to blog about, and I think I might try to get some posts scheduled tomorrow for the next few days.  Fingers crossed that this actually works.

So right now, I'm linking up with 

Personal: I know that as a teacher I will have to bring stuff home.  But I usually bring things home EVERY night and work on school stuff over the weekends.  I would like to seriously cut that a scheduled 3 or 4 nights a week with no work stuff.

Organization: I don't have a teacher desk.  I don't have the space and I don't really like them.  I love not having one...but I am so disorganized without it.  I throw stuff on my small group table, and then from there to the floor.  I am making it a goal to clean that area before I go home every day.

Planning: I planned this year on allowed me to spend Friday afternoon getting everything ready for the next week.  Most teachers leave early on Fridays - which means easy access to the copiers!  Also, I started using around Spring Break and LOVE it!  It's completely customizable and completely online.  I use the iPad app and can see my lesson plans at all times.  It does have a (small) cost...but it's $12 for the year. YEAR!  Plus, my teammate and I both got it, and were able to share our lessons!  Talk about making life easier.

Professional: I have always worked with low students.  But now that I am back in ESE, I want to make sure my students are making as much growth as possible in both reading and math.

Students: All students are good at something.  It is my goal this year to prove it to my kids.  I think that by being the teacher, they will see that "yes, I do understand something.  I can teach it and share my knowledge."  I personally think this will just help them in life.

Motto: This has been a kind of motto for some of the teachers at my school this year.  2012-2013 we walked in to a school that was in disarray and needed help.  This past year was better than that year.  Next year will be better.  We just have to keep reminding ourselves.

I can't wait to read your goals for this upcoming year!

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