Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Reveal Preview and first week

Sorry, my whole 4 followers, that I've been MIA.  Pre-planning week was INSANE and then this first week has been crazy too.  I love my class though.  I've got some tough kids...but I've got some great kids.  18 third graders all learning our procedures and working together without arguing (most of the time).

Our school is an Extended Day School, which means we have an extra hour for reading instruction.  I love it.  For real.  An extra hour in my day means an extra hour to help my kiddos who are at a first grade reading level with their catch up growth.  (It also means an extra hour of pay...but who's counting?)  But what this also means is that I have to be at school by 6:50 am (the kiddos get there at 6:55).  Our tardy bell rings at 7:25, which is when I start teaching reading immediately.  And the kiddos start dismissal at 2:40.  Teachers aren't allowed to leave until 3:30.  But because I teach at an inner-city school, the latest we can stay is 5:00.  Which is not a lot of time after school to fit in meetings and clean the room and grade papers and and and...yeah.  So I've been staying until 5, driving my 30 minute drive home, and working on school stuff every day this week.  So that's why the no update.  And I haven't taken any pictures of my room except for this one:

It is my room from my small group table (my little corner because I don't have a desk).  This was our room at Orientation.  But our classroom has changed a little.  I've got one special friend who needs to be by now his desk is at the front of my room.  And one group I need to split into two smaller duos.  Our kiddos just aren't used to sitting and working in groups of 4.  We'll learn.  We'll learn.

I promise to have a real classroom reveal this week.  Promise.

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