Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

So it's that time again...time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for September's Currently.

Listening: Obviously...I'm on season 2 of Friends.  This is the episode where Ross and Rachel finally have their first kiss.  This is one relationship on a tv show that I was ALWAYS rooting for.  Always.  And Ross coming back to the coffee shop out of the rain is just a great scene.

Loving: Labor Day is one of those holidays that most people can't tell you why we celebrate.  But we still get the day off work to celebrate.  And I couldn't be happier.  For real, I didn't set an alarm last night...and it was amazing.  Yes, I mowed the yard and went grocery shopping today.  But at least I didn't have to set my alarm.

Thinking: It is past 10:00 my time.  Which means I should be asleep...or at least headed towards bed.  Instead I'm still updating this.  Oh well I guess.

Wanting: So Wal-Mart has 2 seasons of Friends packaged together.  Awhile back, the only one I could find was seasons 7/8.  I just bought the season 1/2 pack.  So now I'm missing all the rest of them.

Needing: I am grade level chair this year.  And Literacy Rep for our school.  And a Buddy Mentor.  And I have a new teacher on my grade level who doesn't get a mentor that I've been helping.  And I'm Hospitality Chair.  All of that to say, I was BUSY during the pre-planning week.  So I literally shoved stuff in drawers and cabinets.  I need to get organized.  I can't find stuff that I would normally have used and I had to recreate it.  Not cool.  Or fun.  I need to get organized.

Me: I get to work around 6:00/6:15 (our kids get there at 6:55).  And I stay until 5:00...every day.  Our kids leave by 3:00.  And then I bring home lots of stuff to work on.  I need to start leaving as much at school as possible.  I think if I get organized that'll help.
I am running a 10 mile race in October.  As in, around 30 days away.  And the most I've run is 4 miles.  Help me now.
I wanted this blog for a reason.  And yet I forget to blog.  I wanted this as a way to share my classroom with people outside of my I need to update more.

Thanks for checking out my currently.  I'm really going to try blogging more.  I promise.


  1. I need to practice leaving work at work too! It's just so hard!! Your kiddos get there mighty early, are you guys on a 4 day schedule? Trying to blog more is a great goal and I need to hop on that bandwagon with ya!

    1. Our school has an extra hour in the day. Our district decided to try it with schools that were in danger of being an F on our school grades. Most of the schools that are extended day schools did better than they have in the past. I love that extra hour...I can fit so much more reading instruction in.

  2. My blog is feeling neglected too - all of the craziness of back to school. It will settle down soon right?

  3. I loveeee friends! It's my favorite show ever! *yay for being your newest follower, drop by*

    Just Wild About Teaching