Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One of those afternoons...

So I really, truly, had a good day today.  Was it great?  No.  I have a runner...well, he's more like a walker.  Who up and walked out of my class 4 times today.  But still, it was a good day. 

And then my principal emailed us...emergency meeting after school.  Now I don't know about your districts.  But the county I teach in has what's called a 10 day count.  The Friday of the second week of school the district sits down with the numbers and decides if we actually have enough students for the classrooms/teachers that we have.  Apparently, the district thinks we have too many teachers.

So we're losing 2.  TWO!  Wow.  I don't know about you...but this just makes this crazy.  We've done this before...rearranging teachers.  It's never fun.  But last year, we just had a teacher switch grade levels.  Nothing huge.  This is huge.

The district has issued a list of openings...and asked for volunteers.  I already know of some teachers at my school who want to volunteer.  And I know of some new hires who are freaking out, worried that their position is the one that will be cut.

Guys and gals, fellow teachers, if you've never been in this boat I pray that you won't.  But please pray for my school family.  Whatever will happen will happen.  There's nothing we can do about what is predestined to happen.  But let it be in the best interest of our kids.  That's all I ask.

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