Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently

It's my FIRST Currently!  I'm so excited!

Anyway, here goes:

Listening: My wife was on the phone with her mom...I really have no idea what about...I could just hear my wife talking.

Loving: Even though I live in the Sunshine State (Florida), it has done nothing but rain all summer.  You can tell exactly when the sun comes out, because people flock to the outside.  I can see the sun from my dining room table...and I love it.

Thinking: This semester ends like...any day now.  And I haven't started a big research paper for my class this semester.  I work well under pressure but...ahh!  I need to get busy...I just don't have any motivation.

Wanting: This week our school had our summer institute.  Next week I'm teaching my 3rd summer camp...this time a tech camp (which I'm excited about).  But then it's back to pre-planning.  I would just love an extra week in between camp and pre-planning so I could get in my room and work.

Needing: I need to sit down with my curriculum...we got a new reading series, and our math has now been aligned to Common Core.  And I'm not using the textbooks to teach science or social studies this year...and the summer is almost over.  Which is why I want more time.

B2s Must Haves: 1. Pilot G pens...this is all I use to grade papers.  While student teaching, I wasn't allowed to use red pens, so I found these pens...they come in a multitude of colors.  Now I'm not concerned with what color (I even use red), but I like the way the pens write, and the colors.
2. I need a haircut.  Curly-headed people should be able to feel my pain...I got my hair cut before school got grew back to that perfect it's past that.  I love getting my hair cut...but it's a pain...and expensive.
3. So, we're an F school this year...which means my school district and/or the state will be coming in to my school on a regular basis.  I just need to make sure my teacher clothes still fit (I may, or may not, have gained like 12 pounds over the summer...sheesh).  And if they don't...I guess I need to shopping.

Thanks for reading/listening!


  1. I just want to say that I love that you're a male teacher! We need more of those. So jealous that you live in Florida!

    The Froggy Pond

  2. I agree with needing more time this summer! It goes by too fast! I found you on Farley's page, and I'm your newest follower!

  3. Yes! Summer needs to be longer! I'm totally the same when it came to school papers and what-not... put it off until the last minute and then get it done in like 1 day! Good luck with that!
    I also love that you are guy who teaches the little ones. We have a guy on our 1st grade team and he is awesome with the kiddos!

    Mrs. Thompson
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