Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday Made It...but late

I know...I know...I'm late.  I was trying to finish up some papers and presentations for my grad courses.  Sorry!

But I'm here...and ready to link up to

So this Monday Made It is a combination of made by me and made by wifey.  Like I said last time, my wife generally makes anything that uses technology.  My first 3 years of teaching, I had this great bulletin board set for birthdays.  You set it up like a bar graph.  Each child had his/her own cupcake.  I know you've seen one.  Well, it was great.

Last year, I finally got to have a real theme in my room...behavior unit for the 2 years before that...no theme's in a behavior unit :-(  Anyway.  I decided to have a Disney room....so my cupcakes didn't really work.  I went digging through my Disney brain and instead decided to use my front bulletin boards (really long, but really short) to hold my birthday stuff.  And I would go with Cars as my theme.  The Dollar Tree had Lightning McQueen and Mater giant coloring pieces.  So I colored them, printed traffic cones, and had my birthday chart.

Well...with all of the changes in my school (district/state coming in, new instructional coaches who want certain things on the walls, etc) I knew I needed that space for something else.  So I had to shrink my birthday chart.  So my wife suggested Alice in Wonderland.  So we put our brains together and came up with this:

I've laminated it...and now I can just write names and birthdays directly onto the tea cups.  It is the size of a regular poster though, so hopefully I don't end up with a class of nothing but November birthdays or something.  :-P

Made It #2

Here in Pensacola we have a place called Painting With a Twist.  They offer classes that walk you through how to paint a pre-determined painting.  The "twist" is that it is not kid friendly (unless noted) because alcohol is highly encouraged.  PwaT encourages its patrons to bring a bottle (or 2) of wine to sip while they paint.  It's a great experience.

Anyway, PwaT partnered with one of our teacher stores (which happens to be owned by some friends of ours) so we decided to go this past Sunday.  The wifey painted this for my class:

Notice the Mickey ears on the worm?!  Isn't it great?  I think so.

My aunt is a pre-k aide in central Florida.  So instead of having two of the (almost) exact same painting, I decide to paint one for her.  But since she is my Facebook friend, and I was posting pictures while we were painting...I didn't take any pictures of my painting.  Oh well.

Whew.  I think that's it.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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