Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It - my first one!

Well, it's time to try something new.  I'm still learning this blog and how it it won't be a fancy post like some of the best blogs I have constantly stalked read for insight.

Here it is, my first Monday Made It.  :-)

Have you seen these Partner Cards floating around?  Instead of letting your students pick partners, they draw a card from a deck.  The students then get matched up according to the picture.  The only caveat is that when you have 2 students who you know shouldn't work together, but they get paired together, you have to let them.  Otherwise the whole system falls apart.  Ahh!  Scary!  Especially cause I know how my kiddos operate.

Anyway, the ones I've seen online have all been generic partner cards - baseball matches baseball glove type situation.  And since my class is Disney themed, in case you couldn't tell, I decided to make some myself...Disney style.  Now, usually my wife makes everything that I need created on the computer.  I normally just tell her what I want and she makes it for me...usually faster than I could do it.  And it's always much better than I had imagined it.  But I decided, just this time, I wanted to make something myself.  So I did.

They're simple.  They're basic.  But I love them.  Here's just a sample set of partners from one of my favorite Disney-Pixar movies.

The first few times we use these, I'm going to have a key on my SmartBoard (especially since I used characters from some older Disney movies like Sword in the Stone).  But I'm hoping this will be a much easier way to make sure my kiddos are not always with the same partners.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cute idea! I am sure the kids are going to love it!

    A View Into My Classroom

  2. I LOVE Disney myself... I think I drive everyone nuts from talking about how much I love Disney {it's that bad}

    Great idea in matching your partner cards to your theme. Best of luck on your new blog! I am new to blogging, too!


    1. Thanks! My kiddos think I do nothing but listen to Disney music and watch Disney movies and Disney channel. It's kind of funny!

      Good luck to you too!

  3. I am from Florida, and I am secretly obsessed with Disney as well. I have a Pandora station when I need to get my "fix" haha! I love those partner cards! That is a brilliant idea!!

    Lil Bit Country In the Classroom

    1. Hahaha. I probably have the same Pandora station!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hey there Mr. G! Awesome idea about using characters for the partner cards! I am defiantly going to try this! Thanks for sharing!
    Teaching 3rd with Mr G

  5. Adorable! :) I use cards as well, but mine aren't nearly as cute!!
    Have a great week!
    Pinkadots Elementary

    1. This is the first year I'll have used partner cards. How easy was it for your kiddos to pick up on it?

  6. What a cute idea! Much better than using plain old playing cards. Kids are going to love the characters!

    Snazzy in Second

  7. Hey Mr. G! First year teacher here! I was wondering if you had a TPT store that I could purchase a set of these cards from? I have a Disney themed room as well and would LOVE to use these! :) Please email me

    1. Hey Krystal,
      Sorry I didn't respond earlier...every time I think about it, I don't have my partner card file. I've updated my TpT account, and now have a store where the cards are for free. If you like them, please leave me a review...or if you don't like them, still leave me a review. :-)