Friday, July 19, 2013


So, one day, I hope to be as popular as some of these other teachers that I obsessively follow.  (I do mean obsessively in a good way, of course).  I would love to be able to host linky parties and do giveaways.  But since I am not that good (yet?), I will just share one with you.

Farley, over at


is hosting a giveaway.  Visit her page to see how to win a $100 shopping credit at School Outfitters!  What!?!  Talk about teacher heaven!

Quick!  Before it's too late!  And tell her the Disneyfied Teacher sent you.


  1. Wowza... Had to check out the Disneyfied Teacher... Just the word Disney makes me smile!!! Thanks for sharing... Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks for coming by! I appreciate it!