Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Titles 3

So, I had grand plans for Tuesday Titles to be every week.  And I was SO successful, for two whole weeks.  And then I fell off the grid.  *sigh*

But I'm back!  Here's my Tuesday Title for this week:

I read about this book online, so I asked for it for Christmas.  You know you're a teacher when your parents buy you books for the classroom for Christmas.

Anyway, the story is all about a little boy who "erupts".  Everyone is mad at him for erupting.  So his mom teaches him a trick to keep from erupting.  My 4th graders are having some issues with "erupting".  So we read the book, and then came up with our own strategies to keep us from erupting.

One of our 1st grade teachers even borrowed the book to read to her firsties.  It's great when multiple teachers are on the same bandwagon.

Any books you'd like to suggest?

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