Friday, February 20, 2015

Literacy Week 2015

If your school doesn't do Literacy Week, oh geez.

So, I really didn't take pictures of every event, but I did want to share what we did that week.

Monday was Crazy Sock Day.  I have these wonderful slipper socks with 3D cows on them.  They don't even fit into shoes because their awesomeness can't be contained.  I wish I had taken a picture of them.

Tuesday was Hat Day.  Of course, I wore Mickey picture again though.

Wednesday was Sunglasses Day...but I was home sick.  :-/

Thursday was Sports Day.  Our kids wear uniforms, so this was a day they could be out of uniform (but only if they wore sports jerseys).  I actually don't have anything, so our AP let me borrow one of her hubby's FSU baseball jerseys.  It was kind of funny to walk down the hallways.  I am not one for sports normally, so I don't really care about teams.  But it was funny to watch kids get upset that I was wearing the "wrong" team.

Friday was Book Character Day.
I was Bert from Mary Poppins.  Most of the kids had no clue who I was.  Haha.  So our music teacher decided that the last week of school, when she shows musicals, she's going to show Mary Poppins.  :-)

We also had a door decorating contest.  I haven't heard who won though.  Anyway, here's my door:
This is the second in an AMAZING series.  And *bragging moment* I drew all of those pieces myself.  No tracing here!

As usual, it was a great week!

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