Friday, January 2, 2015

It's January again...

That's's time for another Currently post with

If you've never linked up before, go do it!  It's probably my favorite link up, and one of my favorite bloggers!

Anyway, here goes...

Listening: When I started this, I was listening to music by Eli Lieb.  But then the wifey got out of the shower so we turned on Big Bang Theory.  I love this show...but watching it back-to-back makes me want to hit Sheldon.  :-P

Loving: I am loving that I still have a few days left of break.  There are a lot of things I want to get done, and I have been busy up to this point.

Thinking & Wanting: I'm putting these two together because they go together.  I am thinking about everything that I need to get done the next few days, and I want to get off my keister and get it done.  I need to plan for next week and grade a stack of papers and clean out my middle room (full of stuff that I've brought home from work) and organize the office and rearrange the book nook and read a book (or two) and create my first book study.  Sheesh.  That's a lot to get done.

Wanting: I always want more money...but this time I would just settle for one extra paycheck.  :-P

Yes: I WILL lose weight this year.  My wife and I have even signed up for an exercise class at the school district's wellness center.

Maybe: After years of trying, the wifey and I have officially decided to adopt.  It's a "maybe" because adopting in Florida is crazy expensive.  So we're starting the process and just hoping to get through all of the steps as fast as possible.  That way prospective moms can start seeing us on the list.

I wish: FSA is our new state assessment.  Since I'm the ESE teacher, I'm not expecting Level 3 and up.  But I'm just hoping for some level 2s.  I also know that if my ESE kids are level 1s, then one or two of the teachers at my school are just going to eat that up.  I'd really like to just shut them up and prove that I do know what I'm doing.  Ughh.

Anyway, thanks for sticking out this long post!


  1. Oh I am really loving the extra paycheck thing. Good call on that one.
    Enjoy your last few days off.
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan

  2. Good luck on the adoption process! I have several friends who have done that, and while I know the road is not at all easy, it will be so worth it in the end. I hope that it goes as quickly and cheaply as possible for you and your wife.

    I will be spending the remainder of my break tackling school work, too. I think I've been in denial that I eventually have to go back and do report cards. Getting harder to deny that now, though!

    Happy new year!
    Eberopolis: Teaching Reading & Writing with Technology

  3. I love the idea of one extra pay check. Especially with all of the little wedding things I am coming across lately! Enjoy your last few days of break!
    Enchanting Elementary