Monday, August 4, 2014

That back to school time...

Well, it's that's time again...time for back to school.

I went by my room today, but I only had 2 hours to work.  My carpet had been replaced, which means all of my furniture was just kinda of sitting in my room all haphazardly.  It also means my filing cabinets, which had been tucked into a tiny space, were sitting in the middle of my room.  So I really didn't get much done.

Here's what I walked into this morning...

The blue bulletin board is in the hallway.  We got an email from our principal over the summer saying nothing could be hung up in the hallway unless it was on a cork strip or bulletin board.  I immediately emailed our secretary and she put in a work order to get me a bulletin board.  I'm the only one in the hallway...I'm special like that.  :-)

I spent the rest of my time unloading that big brown box (supplies ordered with school money...yay!) and moving ALL of the ESE curriculum from the old ESE room into my room.  I should've taken a picture of that.

I also brought home all of the books in my classroom library.  I'm reading "Reading in the Wild" and it's making me rethink some things.  It also doesn't hurt that so many teachers I follow on blogger and Instagram were reorganizing their libraries.  I've always had my library set up by AR level.  I was very big on "read and test on your level!"  But I can see now how that limits our kids.  So I have one basket of non-fiction texts (I need to grow my non-fiction) and then the rest are separated by author/character.  I do have 2 fiction baskets that are my books that don't go with anything else.

My dog is very cute...but not very helpful.  And it probably didn't help that I was watching National Treasure at the same time.

I have a training the next 3 days...but as soon as I can, I'm going to get in and finish my room.  Can't wait to show it off!

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