Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Snapshots on a Sunday evening

So I don't know if every school has one, but my school has a Hospitality committee...and I am the chairperson.  What that means, is I set up events for our faculty and staff to get to know each other and hang out as people.

So, for our End of Summer Bash, we decided to meet at the beach for the afternoon, and then go to dinner on the beach.  We didn't have a big group, but we had a lot going on that week.  It was still fun.

So, I am linking up with Mrs. Nelson over at

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

for Saturday Snapshots.  So here they are...

 Don't I just live in the best place?

 I have the BEST music teacher in the world!!  She's become such a great friend.

 This was our view at dinner.  The restaurant was completely open air.  It was beautiful and the food was delicious!

It was a perfect end to the summer!

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