Monday, May 12, 2014

Rewind Post: Plant Project

So...time for another Rewind Post.  This time, on Plants.

Awhile ago, Farley, over at Oh Boy 4th Grade posted about using a cd case to show the roots and stem and all the bits and pieces of a plant as it grew.  When I saw it I said to myself "I'm gonna do that one day."  Well, this year was the year.  Our 3rd grade science curriculum expects our kiddos to know all the parts of a plant and flower (except for pistil and stamen) and their uses.  So we decided to grow radishes, and also put some in cd cases.

Each child also got his/her own plant.

We then created plant journals (by folding lined paper in half and then stapling it).  Every other day our kiddos had to draw what they saw happening in their own cups.  Also, instead of having every kid draw both cd cases, they drew only one.  Since my class is numbered for EVERYTHING, we just threw in a quick math check with it - odds draw case A, evens draw case B.

Eventually, they grew:
After the kids took their cups home, I took the extras, and the ones from the cd cases, and transplanted them to a pot.  It's currently sitting on the back porch of our music portable.  I forgot to take a picture, but they are growing like crazy.  Since we're almost out of school, I think I'm going to dig one or two up so my kiddos can see what the roots look like now.
Hopefully I remember to take a picture.  ;-)

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