Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rewind Post: Literacy Week

So...since it's been so long, I thought I would do a few rewind posts just to catch you up on everything that we've been doing in my classroom since...Christmas.  :-/

And I'm going to start with Literacy Week.  I don't know if every county, state, etc. does a Literacy Week.  But if yours doesn't, LW is a week to celebrate all things literacy.  In my county, schools are all asked to participate in the Million Minute Marathon on the Monday of Lit Week.  They ask that every teacher set aside time to either read a story out loud, or have your students silent read for a certain amount of time.  Then they tally up the "minutes" and aim for a million.

After Monday each school gets to pick what kinds of things they want to do to celebrate literacy.

Here are some of the fun things we did:

Funky sock day:

Hat Day (and I can't just wear a normal hat!):

Don't I work with some amazing teachers?!

I forgot to take pictures of sunglasses day...and I don't own any sports gear for our favorite sports team day.

Character Dress Up Day:

Yup...I would be Harry Potter.

Here I am with my teammate and friend...Cindy Lou Who!

And a Door Decorating Contest.  I had to carry over my Harry Potter theme.  And yes, my special kind of crazy couldn't just print book covers to put on the door...I had to draw them.  Except for the picture of Hermione, which I traced.
And my kiddos drew book covers of the books they were currently enjoying to put on the door.  We didn't win, but that's ok.

There was also a week long AR class came in the FIRST for the grade level, and Top 5 for the school!  In fact, out of the top 10, ALL 3 3rd grade classes were in it!  What can I say?  Third Grade rocks!

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