Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top Ten Linky Party

So Hailey over at The Third Grade Nest has decided to start a monthly linky party.  I'm a little late, but I wanted to join for the first one anyway.  So, without further ado, here are my Top Ten TV Shows:

So, it was actually kind of hard to figure out my Top Ten shows...and they are definitely in no particular order.

I even own all of them on DVD...except for HTGAWM and SYTYCD.  The first because it's too new, and the second because as much as I like it, I don't know that I would rewatch it (if you can even get it on DVD).

Anyway, think about linking up, cause I would love to know your favorite TV shows as well!


  1. Hi you and I both like Bones. I am hanging out for the new season. I think I will have to start watching How To Get Away With Murder as it has been popping up a lot in different places lately

  2. I love Weeds!! Great show, although I still need to finish up the last season. :/ Friends is my all-time favorite. I think I can relate everything in my life to an episode of Friends. And... Will & Grace... I just love catching the reruns. Karen cracks me up! What a fun post and great linky!

  3. I love watching the classic comedies too! I'm always watching Modern Family too.

  4. I'm pretty sure almost everyone who's linked up so far has Bones within their top ten and that's fantastic! So glad you linked up!