Friday, July 3, 2015

Currently - July 2015

It's that time again...time for another Currently post with

So, here we go...

Listening: Center Stage is probably one of my favorite movies.  I was thinking about it earlier and decided to turn it on while I caught up on my blogs.

Loving: Officially, not counting weekends (or today), I have 12 days left of summer.  While that normally bums me out, I'm trying to remain positive.  12 is more than 10!

Thinking: We were going to reorganize the office, turn our middle room into a home gym, and paint our bedroom this summer.  And I was going to work on my tan and organize everything I brought home with me.  None of that has happened.  Oops!

Wanting: I would love to just sit at home and do nothing all summer and get paid.  Does anyone know of a way to do that?!

Needing: I still have 2 camps left this summer.  One I've taught before, so I just need to go through my stuff and get in the right mindset for it.  The other is brand new, and I literally picked it up last week.  The original instructor backed out, so I'm filling in.  I have no idea about this one!  Ahh!

All Star: I am a Master Procrastinator.  That's all that matters.  :-P
Also, if you ask anyone but my wife, I am really good at organizing things.  I like things to look a certain way, and be color-coded and just...sigh.  It's the way my brain works.

Can't wait to see what y'all are currently doing!


  1. I would LOVE to get paid to sit at home! Wouldn't that be wonderful!?

    Mrs Crouse goes to THIRD

  2. hahah! If you figure out how to get paid let me know! I want in! :)