Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classroom Reveal...finally!

Monday starts the 4th week of school.  And I am just now revealing my classroom.  
It's partially because it took me forever to get it finished.

I couldn't go to the school over the school was a "host school" for summer school.  Which meant that even if our room wasn't being used, we weren't allowed up there.

And then they had to strip and re-wax the entire school after that.  And I was teaching summer camps and going to workshops and just...yeah.

So...pre-planning week was really my big time to get in there.  But, if you read one of my last posts, my room was a MESS.  And I had to move all of the ESE curriculum into the mess that already was my room (I never did take a picture of that).  And, of course, during pre-planning I went to WAY too many workshops/trainings.  Luckily my principal left the school open until 9 one night.  And since I wasn't pulling groups the first 2 weeks of school (my schedule is still semi-changing), getting my room together was the last thing on my mind.  But this week I started pulling it had to be ready.

So here it is...

I got rid of almost all of my student desks.  I won't need them.  I'll only be pulling small groups and don't need all of that mess in my room.

All of that was junk I pulled off of shelves and out of filing cabinet drawers.  I have WAY too much stuff and I'm trying to get rid of some of it.

I don't have a teacher desk.  So my small group table is my teacher space.  I love it though.

Have you seen those Teacher Toolbox posts and pins?  I LOVE mine!  They were blue, and I just spray painted them red to match my Disney theme.

I have 8 4th-graders that I have to pull all at once for math, and my small group table is not big we're going to meet here.  I kinda like it...we'll see how it works though.

We were told at the beginning of last week that the little hideaway where we all keep our filing cabinets is blocking a window that is going to be turned into an egress window.  Which means we can't put our filing cabinets there.  I really don't like this...but it'll work until I turn everything digital like I want.

I am also the Hospitality Chair for our school.  So I wanted a space in my room where I could keep track of everything I had planned for the year.

Since I don't need the bulletin board outside of my room for student work, I turned most of it into a birthday board for our faculty.  Those are faculty/staff birthdays!  Every student passes my room on the way to art and music.  So now they can see all of the birthdays for that month.  Plus we will be spotlighting a different faculty member every month.  It's just a way to get to know the members of our school.

I also wanted to share this bulletin board that I did in the front hallway of our school.  Thank you to Sarah over at Math Equals Love for sharing about this bulletin board (and where she got the idea from).
We're trying to change our mindsets at my school.  

It's going to be a great year.
Thanks for sticking out this long post.

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  1. I love your toolbox! I have pinned a ton of ideas for one but I javent actually gotten around to doing it ha! I can't wait for you to start the process of going digital!

    Have a great week!